Thursday, May 20, 2010

Plentiful Projects

Here we are on the brink of entering a new season = Summertime. The weather is changing, and so is our workload. We are going from busy to busier! We currently have Project Jasksich in the Cambrian area in progress (Full Bathroom Remodel). We have Project Penhardt in downtown San Jose in progress (Full Bath Remodel, Interior Retexture/Paint, Exterior Paint, New Roof, Windows). We have just begun Project Denham in the Rose Garden area of San Jose (Extensive Landscaping, Outdoor Structure Design, Staining of wood shingle siding, Painting of house). We are also beginning the design phase for a brand new Kitchen, Living Room, Family Room, and Dining Room with Project Ferrari.

This week we completed the Project Clarke Master Bathroom with sign-off by city inspectors. Below are the final photos of the transformation.