Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project Osborne - Progress

This is a progress report of the project we began on January 19, 2009, our first large remodel of the year. This project requires a new kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, renovated hallway and entryway to front door. The complete remodel requires floor to ceiling upgrades throughout each space. We could not be more excited to start the New Year with such a wonderful project.

As of today, we have nearly completed the hallway remodel by raising the ceilings and installing new doors throughout. The master bathroom shower is currently being tiled, with the vanity and linen tower installed next week. The kitchen is in progress with new cabinets being installed next week as well. A new tankless water heater was installed to free up space in the laundry room and create more energy efficiency throughout the home. We demolished the furnace from the laundry area and installed a new unit in the attic. We have undergone two city inspections thus far and passed with flying colors.

Here are some photos of the spaces before construction and during progress. We will continue updating you on this project as it happens.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Project Morello - Progress

Today we continued remodeling a living room that was already in progress. Last week we exposed all four walls to install insulation and grounded outlets to the main panel in order to make the room more energy efficient. New hardwood floors were installed immediately afterwards and will be kept covered for protection during construction. New dual pane window is on backorder and will finally arrive for installation next week. During the waiting process for the window to arrive, we proposed another design enhancement that would transform the space even further. We were immediately approved to begin creating a vaulted ceiling, to be finished within the next few days. Stain, texture, venetian plaster coming soon. We will keep you apprised of the final product.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Mailer

If you are in the Cambrian, Willow Glen, Los Gatos, and Saratoga areas, please lookout for our postcard that dropped in-mail today. We would love hearing from you if you are interested in remodeling and would like to have a FREE home evaluation and quotation.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Project Motiram - Final

About a month ago, we converted a hall closet that was adjacent to a kitchen into a wine refridgerator for a client in San Francisco. This customer was referred to us by a great friend, Prity Hasmukh. We could have been more grateful for such a wonderful referral, as this project allowed us the opportunity to not only convert the closet space, but also enhance an additional closet for her office on the 3rd floor. We have also scheduled upcoming enhancements to the 1st level bedroom doors, trim, and baseboards. We are looking very forward to continuing the updates to this gorgeous San Franciso loft and creating a more comfortable space for our client.

Project Johnson - Final

This is an update post to a project that officially began in mid-September 2008. We completed a bathroom remodel for one of our clients in San Jose, then moved on to a full kitchen remodel. Both rooms turned out phenomonal and we are finally posting the before/after photos.

The home had not been updated since the original build in the late 1970's. The homeowner was looking for a more updated and elegant look/feel, and we were pleased at the opportunity to provide this for her. Below is the master bathroom.





And below are the final kitchen photos...